Vietnam Update

It’s been ten days now since I arrived in Vietnam and ten days that I haven’t been able to access WordPress or my blog. Add to that the five days I was in Singapore and slacked off on writing to hang out with my lovely hosts Kate and Rob and, well, it adds up to a whole lot of neglect for my poor little blog.

Fortunately I am able to access WordPress via my phone so I thought I’d share a few photos until I can write a proper post.

20120812-124350.jpgCafe with a view in Hanoi.

20120812-124501.jpgOn the foodie trail in Hanoi. Hunting down hidden gems in back alleys and side streets.

20120812-124638.jpgVietnamese feast at 1946.

20120812-124840.jpgWedding dresses for sale in Hanoi.

20120812-124937.jpgLunch time delicacies.

3 Comments on “Vietnam Update

  1. I just bought my tickets to Hanoi! The countdown to October 1st has begun. I will also be on the hunt for the tastiest ,best , foods!

  2. Oh, that looks so delicious, ! We’ll be back in Vietnam next year and I can’t wait. I’ll be looking out for your future posts, have a great time!

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