All CrossFit, All the Time  (Everywhere) | July 2013-Present

While living in Beirut I had been reading about CrossFit on blogs and looked for one in the city but wasn’t able to find a CrossFit box. When I got back to the U.S. in July I was living in Illinois and started going to CrossFit three times per week. It quickly became and addiction (obsession?) and three times per week turned to five. I needed new shoes and traded my running shoes for CrossFit shoes. Now, the farthest I’ve run is the 2 miles in the workout “Murph.”


I’m currently doing CrossFit in Phoenix and have already found a box to join in Budapest when I get there.

I love doing CrossFit. It’s fun, it keeps me motivated to workout daily, and I am constantly improving and getting stronger.


I Run Beirut, Nike 5K  (Lebanon) | September 30, 2012

Ran this one after a summer of traveling and zero running. I think I got my worst time ever. Also, the beginning of the end of my interest in running.

Batroun Triathlon (Lebanon) | May 20, 2012

Time: 2:09:01 (overall)

Swim: 28:45
Bike: 1:04:01
Run: 35:21
Transitions: 4:15

| May 20 | Swim. Bike. Run. Done!


Pre-race with my cheerleader, Samantha


Swimming for my life! (That’s me in the red suit and white cap.)








Inaugural Edinburgh Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (Scotland) | April 15, 2012

Time: 1:59:20 (PR)

My third half marathon of 2012 and a new PR! I ran with a 2 hour pace group and I think that really helped as I don’t really know how to pace myself. I usually just go out and run. This was the first race I did where I had an actual time goal. There were a few points that I fell behind the group but I was able to catch up on the down hills or in spontaneous bursts of energy. The course was really hilly and I think that on a flatter course I could try for an even faster time.

packet pick-upAt the packet pick-up with fellow runners Mick and Keiji.

Rubbing the toe for good luck at the halfRubbing the statue’s toe for good luck on the race.

| Apr 17 | My newest medal! Third half marathon this year and a PR of 1:59!

Limassol Half Marathon (Cyprus, Greece) | March 18, 2012

Time: 2:05:10


My second half marathon of 2012! I didn’t know what to expect with this one as I hadn’t run much in the 3 weeks since the half in Beirut so I was a bit nervous the day before the race. Once I got going though I knew everything would be fine. I actually ran the last half of the race faster than the first half which I’d never done before. I managed to beat my previous time by almost 5 minutes! I definitely plan on doing this race again next year.

ISF–Major Wissam Eid Half Marathon (Beirut, Lebanon) | Feb 26, 2012

Time: 2:09:50

| Feb 26 | Half marathon! 2 hours 9 minutes!

My first REAL half marathon, on PAVEMENT! Anytime I thought maybe I was feeling tired I just reminded myself how easy it was compared to sand. That kept me going pretty well! I was totally proud of my time even though, of course, it had to be faster than my first half 🙂 I loved the Lebanese flag ribbon for the medal, too.


CSM Day Race (5K) (Beirut, Lebanon) | February 12, 2012

Time: 29:25 (PR)

No pictures or medal for this race. It was held by the Lebanese army and was just a 5 minute walk from my house. My running club let me know about the race so I signed up for it and moved my long run that week (10 miles) to Saturday so I could participate. I felt like I ran pretty fast but my time was pretty similar to every other 5K I have ever run.

I Run Beirut, Nike 5K | October 23, 2011

Time: 30:00

[ 299 ] RUN beirut

[ 296 ] I run Beirut 5K race.

Big event held by Nike here in Beirut. There were so many runners and people just out for fun. It was really well-organized and I think the best part was the awesome race shirt we got. Hoping that this turns into an annual event.

Beirut Marathon (10K) | November 27, 2011

Time: 1:00:29

before the race

My second year running the 10K in the Beirut Marathon. Unlike last year where I trained up to the 10K distance, this year I was running 10K about twice a week leading up to the race. While last year’s race felt like a BIG DEAL, this year’s race felt like just another run. Maybe that’s why my time was pretty much the same as last year’s? Hmm . . .

Tyr Triathlon (Sour, Lebanon) | May 21, 2011

Time: ??  I don’t remember.

ready for the tri!

Freshly painted red nails to match my swimsuit (this IS Lebanon after all).

I had never even considered doing a triathlon but some of my friends were going to do it so I thought, why not? I figured I’ve been running a lot so I’ve got that covered (especially since I’d only have to run 5K), I swim at the gym pool for an hour at a time so that should be a breeze, and I’ve been on some killer bike rides in Lebanon with my friend George so I’m sure I could handle the biking. So, I signed up for the triathlon without any proper training for it. The triathlon was a 750 meter swim in the Mediterranean, a 20K bike ride though banana plantations, and a 5K run through the Roman ruins and old city of Tyr. The hardest part turned out to be the swimming which surprised me. I’m a pretty good swimmer but I hadn’t accounted for how nauseated the waves and the salt water would make me feel. Overall though, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to do another one.

Full Moon Desert Half Marathon  (Wadi Rum, Jordan) | May 14, 2011

Time: 2:27:36

[ 133 ] my first half marathon!

After I finished my first 10K back in November I decided to train for a half marathon. I planned my training schedule out according to a race I had found in Lebanon on May 8th. About half way through my training I found out that the race no longer existed. (That’s Lebanon for you.) My friend told me about this half in Wadi Rum, Jordan so I took that as plan B. Just about a week before the race I realized that desert = sand and I started to get nervous. Maybe there will be roads, I thought. Nope, no roads. I ran 13.1 miles through mostly deep sand. (There were some areas with tightly packed sand/dirt and they felt like HEAVEN!) The race started at sunset and finished under the moonlight. There were some logistical problems with the torches that lit the path burning out so many people weren’t able to complete the run. I was determined since it was my first half marathon, so I kept running until my iPod said that I run 13.1 miles. I think I was one of the only ones to finish the race. Officially I got third place for females but I did actually finish before the two girls who got 1st and 2nd I just forgot to check in (there was no real finish line). In any case, I’m proud that I completed my first half marathon, in the SAND, in 2.5 hours.

Beirut Marathon (10K) | November 7, 2010

Time: 1:00

:: Day 284 • Year 3 :: 10K race!

I ran my first 10K race in exactly an hour. I’ve come a long way since May (not to mention from when I first started running in February!).

Fugget About It 5K (Brooklyn, NY) | May 9, 2010

Time: 29:35

:: Day 102 • Year 3 :: my first 5K race!

My VERY FIRST race ever and my first time running 5 whole K! This was the culmination of my Couch to 5K training and an awesome first race to run in. The race was in the park just near my house and it was really small–less than 50 runners (there was also a duathlon going on). The course was really twisty and went through all different areas of the park so it was interesting and scenic. The technical shirt we got for the race was really nice and still one of my favorite running shirts. After the race there was a huge spread of bagels, cream cheese, fruit and juices from the local bagel shop. AND, and, I won second place in my age group. OK, I only beat one person, but still pretty fun for my first race. I placed 8/27 females and 17/44 overall.

Where it all began . . . | February 8, 2010

:: Day 12 • Year 3 :: 52 weeks of feeling fit • wk6

I have ALWAYS detested running! Always. But I also always wished that I could run. Seems like it *could* be enjoyable if you weren’t dying while doing it. So the Couch to 5K program and the new track at my gym have inspired me to at least try. Today was day one, week one. It wasn’t too hard or too easy. I definitely felt like I got a work out that was equivalent to what I normally do on the elliptical but I sorta hate not having the machine to tell me how many calories I burned. We’ll see how long I can keep up with this program.

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