Fully Vaccinated!

I am back in Budapest and fully vaccinated! I do not regret making the trip at all. I didn’t realize how much I needed a break from being alone in my apartment. Not only did I get to see my new house that I recently bought and furnished and my family, but the weather was amazing. Sunshine is SO good for the soul! Not only that, but Arizona was “open” for the most part, so it was possible to eat out, go shopping, and do other activities. This was probably my first visit home ever that I didn’t want to come back. I could have stayed a bit longer since we are still teaching remotely, but two weeks teaching in the middle of the night was more than enough!

We are supposed to go back to in-person teaching on May 10th, so that’s just one more week of working from home. I really hope that that date holds and we get to go back. I definitely like a lot of aspects of working from home, but I am ready to mix it up a bit and finish out the year with my colleagues and students. When we return, we’ll only have six weeks left until the end of the year. It’s going to fly by and I am very much looking forward to summer vacation.

As for the situation in Hungary, daily cases continue to drop and now more than 4 million people have been vaccinated in the country (out of 9.7 million). Things are starting to reopen and I was thrilled to be able to sit on a terrace for the first time in a long time. That said, we still have the worst death rate in the world, which is pretty scary.

The next frontier is vaccine passports (or immunity cards as they call them here). There are already problems with that for those of us who are not Hungarian, not to mention the odd decision that the government made to give the immunity card immediately after the first vaccine dose even though people are not fully protected until two weeks after the second dose.

3 Comments on “Fully Vaccinated!

  1. So glad you got home! And now you’re fully vaccinated. ❤ That's great news!

  2. Being vaccinated is a game changer for expat teachers. Once I got my 2nd dose in Qatar, it meant I could start traveling again and it even puts my wedding back on the cards. Excited for you!

    • Very exciting! So far, no travel here. Hopefully by summer though when Europe works out its vaccine passport. Congrats on your wedding!

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