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I went to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia on the recommendation of my friend Andy with the promise of cooler weather and the chance to visit a tea plantation. I had already visited a coffee plantation in Guatemala so this sounded like the proper next step. I booked a short half day “Countryside Tour” which turned out to be really great as I wouldn’t have been able to see all of the different… Read More

Georgetown is on the island of Penang on Peninsular Malaysia and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is rich with multicultural heritage with Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European influences. Walking the streets is a feast for the senses with the bright colors of the buildings and tiles, the smell of street food and incense burning, the sounds of Indian music blaring from speakers on the streets simultaneously competing with the… Read More

I am completely in love with all of the gorgeous floor tiles around Georgetown. I’ve been a little obsessed lately with the tiling in old Lebanese houses so I was really pleased to see a similar tradition here. The colors and patterns are endless! This shop not only has beautiful tiles in its entry way but it makes them too! The artists copy old designs and make them new. And all of… Read More

I made it to Malaysia. Whew! Big sigh of relief. I had been dreading the trip from Thailand to Malaysia because of the long bus ride. The travel agencies listed the trip as: Departure from Krabi 7am, Arrival in Penang 4pm. Nine hours on a bus is certainly NOT my idea of a good time. So I spent a while online researching other options such as a bus/train combo or stopping part… Read More

Taking a break from the regularly scheduled travel posts . . . I bring you this article that I wrote for The International Educator (Tie Online).  It’s all about how I decided to go to an international school fair and what my experience was like. (Spoiler alert: I got a job in Beirut!)

Krabi Town Yoga Studio Sometimes you find great accommodation that makes you want to change your plans and stay awhile. I was going to just stay one night in Krabi Town before heading out to the other islands but after checking into such a cheap and comfortable hostel I decided to stay a few extra nights and make day trips to the islands. And then I stayed another day which I took… Read More

After a relaxing five days in Phuket spending time with friends, being driven around, and having locals who speak the language, I’m on my own again and ready to do some island hopping. This seemed like the perfect time to introduce you to my pack. I got this backpack 14 (!!) years ago to go on my first backpacking trip. It was my “senior trip” just after high school graduation and my… Read More

Andy and Jay sent me and Muay to take walk in the national forest reserve to see the waterfalls while they went shopping for sandals (!). What they failed to mention was that this was a hike through the jungle; we walked through streams of water, over logs, under vines, and up steep, rocky bits. We even saw a huge lizard and a snake! All this wearing a dress and sandals and… Read More

I am so incredibly grateful to my friends Muay and Andy from Beirut who invited me to visit them in Phuket  during our summer travels. Muay is Thai and Andy has spent the better part of 7 years living in Thailand, and together with their friend Jay who owns a resort on the island, they have truly given me the insiders tour. It seems we’ve covered every inch of this great island… Read More

The beach! The water was so warm and wonderful. I think I could stay here forever. (Feel free to listen to this as you scroll through the pictures.)