English With the Accent Built In

While traveling through Malaysia I started noticing that a lot of the words I saw on buildings and signs looked suspiciously like English, but with the accent already built in. Here are a few signs that I managed to capture around Kuala Lumpur.

Press butang

tiket, resit
tiket, resit

Bas lane


Muzium Tekstil
tekstil muzium

It was a fun little scavenger hunt for English-looking words in the city.

5 Comments on “English With the Accent Built In

  1. Reminds me of the Philippines. Getting on and off the crowded Manila subway I would hear people saying “Excuse” without the me part. Later on I found out that Tagalog adopted Excuse me from English and turned it into “Iyksus”. Due to previous Spanish colonizations we also have adaptations like “pwede” from puede (he/she can) . I’m kind of a linguistics nerd. Thanks for sharing the Malaysian signs with us!

    • Really interesting! I tried to do some brief research about the language when I wrote the post and learned that they adopted many words from other languages. I noticed on one sign “hayat” adopted from Arabic meaning life.

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