The Present Perfect


This month’s themes were motion, hand, legs, meme, and rest. 17/52 18/52 19/52  20/52 21/52

This month I was a little bit unfocused in the self-portrait taking being that I was traveling for a week and then really bogged down with all of the trip photos. I did still manage to get a photo for each of the themes this month: reflection, details, work, black & white. 9/52 10/52 11/52 12/52 Here are the round ups from January and February in case you missed them.

The coat is finally finished AND I’m finally getting around to posting about it! Actually, I would have posted about it right away but I was waiting to get some decent pictures first and to do that I needed a friend’s help. (Thanks, Imad!) Making a coat is a huge undertaking and it’s kind of baffling, even to me, that this was pretty much the second garment I ever made. (Well, started…. Read More

I went to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia on the recommendation of my friend Andy with the promise of cooler weather and the chance to visit a tea plantation. I had already visited a coffee plantation in Guatemala so this sounded like the proper next step. I booked a short half day “Countryside Tour” which turned out to be really great as I wouldn’t have been able to see all of the different… Read More

Saturday was the opening of the photo exhibition, From 4 Corners of the World, by the talented Beirut Street Photographers Arek Dakessian, Bushra Al-Hinai, Imad Hadad, and Mher Krikorian. The joint exhibition features photos taken on their own trips around the world which they have “brought back home to Beirut.” The exhibit is being held at A Fish in Sea, a UK-based graphic design studio which has opened its Beirut office to… Read More

When the Beirut Street Photographers first went to shoot on the streets of Douma in 2011, we were met with a day of heavy and near constant downpour making it quite difficult to shoot. We ended up spending most of the day taking shelter from the rain while having a long and leisurely Lebanese lunch.  So it was only right that we return to Douma this year to give this charming village… Read More

I missed May’s photo trip with the Beirut Street Photographers due to the triathlon but this month I was back and ready to shoot. The BSP chose the perfect locations for this month’s trip: the lovely coastal towns of Batroun and Anfeh. The views of the sparkling sea made for a perfect backdrop for street photography at the start of the summer season. Some of the details really made you feel like… Read More

When I am out shooting I always seem to notice interesting doors. Perhaps that’s just because old Lebanese buildings just have really cool doors. In any case, here are some of the ones that I’ve spotted all over Lebanon from Tripoli in the north to Saida in the South.