Getting Ready

Two and a half weeks left in Budapest. It doesn’t feel real. School is winding down (and at the same time ramping up with all of the end-of-year activities). In a way it feels like any other year getting ready for summer break and that it’s only “goodbye for now.” It’s not quite sunk in yet that these really are the last weeks that I’ll be living in Budapest.

Slowly, I have been getting ready to move. A few months ago I started paring down my belongings, selling and donating more than I thought possible. I have been systematically eating through my very well-stocked pantry and freezer, and I’m happy to say that both are almost empty. My beloved red Mini Cooper has been sold (though I get to keep it until the last day of school). The movers are scheduled for exactly two weeks from now and before then I need to sort my things into: one bag for my summer hols in Italy, two bags for Bangkok (mostly clothes and some household essentials), and the rest for my shipment. I have notes in my phone that I’ve been adding to for weeks as I think of what I need to pack into each category. Originally my new school said that we couldn’t expect to get our shipment until October 31st as that was how long it would take to get our work visas sorted, but today I got the happy news that that can be moved up to September 15th which will make getting settled in Bangkok a lot easier.

Today I had the first conversation with a colleague where I could feel some sadness creeping in. Apart from feeling a burst of emotions right after announcing back in the fall that I was not planning to return, it’s been only feelings of excitement since then. I’m sure that is about to change as I say goodbye to this place that I have loved for 8 years.

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