Love at first sight?

I have read on multiple blogs recently (and in my guidebook as well) that it can take some time to warm up to Bangkok. That it at first will just seem too overwhelming and chaotic, but that after a few visits it becomes familiar and more likeable. Maybe these aren’t city people like I am, or perhaps it’s just that they don’t have the perspective of coming directly from two years in Beirut, but I am loving every inch of this city so far.

Bangkok is big city and small village, modern and traditional, eastern and western, organized and chaotic–all at the same time. (And I thought Beirut was the city of contrasts.)

the scale of the city

Skyscrapers tower over narrow side streets which host an abundance stalls selling street food, coffee, clothing and other wares. 

big city streets

Big city streets.

it's no central park

An urban oasis. Oh, how I long to run in it! (Beirut, please!? We need one of these!)

no shades trees on the street? added greenery

Potted plants add some greenery to an otherwise treeless street.

it that a bike lane? or a scooter lane?

How’s that for organization? I’m not sure if that’s a bike lane or a scooter lane (probably the former) but look how the scooters are zipping along without causing chaos by weaving in and out of traffic! And cars in actual lanes! (Seriously, Beirut are you taking note?)

bangkok side streetA side street in Bangkok–the city on a smaller scale, just steps away from the shining towers of downtown.

let's go for a ride?

And finally, these two: generations apart, living their lives on the streets of Bangkok.

Yes, I could see myself spending a lot of time here. Perhaps?

3 Comments on “Love at first sight?

  1. Love Bangkok except for the crazy bugs 🙂 So cheap and easy to get around. Lots to do. And most of SE Asia is a quick plane ride away. I remember we flew first class on Thai Air ($30) to Chiang Mai, and it was lovely. I think that if you spend the money ona nice hotel in Bangkok, the city is really doable. I’d gladly go back!

  2. I HATED Bangkok, but I really only say Koh Sahn Road… and I think that’s appropriate. (I’m also not much of a city girl, unless it’s SF or Sydney). Anyway, GREAT pictures and I’m looking forward to reading about your trip! I really loved Thailand, if I close my eyes I can still smell it. And the people are wonderful. Sigh. Now I’m ready to go back!!

  3. As our Bangkok arrival date gets closer and closer, I get more and more butterflies in my stomach – not sure of whether we’ll love it or hate it. Nothing to do but wait and see! I’m really glad to hear that you did well 🙂

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