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Monthly Archives: June 2012

I wasn’t planning on blogging about Beirut Design Week, but I was asked by a fellow Tweeter who saw my tweets from the Design and Urban Space talk and asked if I would write about the presentation as he wasn’t able to attend being that he lives abroad. I hesitated to write about any of the events as I’m not a designer, though having studied architecture for a year in college before… Read More

Saturday morning Samantha and I hopped in a cab with new friends Bethany and Ted and left the hot, muggy climate of Beirut for the cool, fresh mountain air of Baabdat. Jimmy and Madeline awaited us at their lovely house with a brunch spread including pumpkin pancakes, fruit salad, bruschetta, a spinach and feta tart, coffee, and cranberry lemonade. Some of the food came directly from their back yard garden, which they… Read More

Although we’ve passed the mid-June mark, temperatures have finally made it into the 90s on a regular basis, and I’ve been to the beach on more than one occasion, it’s not quite summer for those of us who work at a certain school in Beirut. (Of course, I’m not at all jealous our friends at a neighboring school who are on flights home and away as I type. ) Today marks the… Read More

A little over a year ago I fell in love with Tawlet and their Lebanese-style weekend brunch. Since then, I’ve been there quite a few times and it never disappoints. The food is always fresh and abundant, and the setting is just perfect. This week I went back with my friend Jodi and her out-of-town visitors, but this time the scenario was a little different: it was a Monday night and we… Read More

My friend Jodi hosted a lovely Sunday lunch for her friends who are passing through Beirut on their round-the-world journey. It was a lovely afternoon of friends, good food, good conversation, and plenty of sunshine.

The lazy days of summer are just around the corner (just have to make it through three more weeks of school/work first). In the meantime I’ve been trying to hit up the beach as much as possible. Saturday I spent 8 lazy hours at Lazy B with a fantastic group of friends. I truly can’t get enough of this place.

Yesterday I was enjoying the warm weather on my balcony when a horrible chemical smell wafted up to the seventh floor accompanied by the sound of an obnoxiously loud motor. I looked over the balcony (as did many others in my building and the one across the street) to see a huge cloud of smoke to the left of my building rise up into the sky. I was SURE that the building… Read More

A few months ago I started noticing these colorful little birdhouses popping up all over Hamra. I particularly liked this large cluster against the side of an apartment building bordering a makeshift parking lot on Hamra Street. I finally got around to taking a photo and decided to actually look up some info on the project. I found this crazy little YouTube video (in, I guess, Danish) and that seems to be… Read More