Saturday Brunch at Tawlet

Saturday I went to a fabulous brunch with a group of girlfriends at Tawlet in Mar Mikhael. A few weeks ago a “deal” came up on Go Nabbit for 50% off at Tawlet. Some friends of ours had recently been and were raving about it so we decided to “nabbit” and go together as a group.

In NYC brunch was an almost weekly event but here in Beirut brunch isn’t really a thing. Last Saturday it felt right to have my old weekend routine of sleeping in late and meeting my girlfriends for a long afternoon brunch. Brunch at Tawlet was a little different from a NYC brunch but equally as fantastic. The space was beautifully, yet simply decorated and filled with light which was perfect for the first summery feeling day of the year. There was a huge buffet with a wide variety of Lebanese food. There was a mix of the usual mezze plus other things I’d never tried before. To drink there was fresh made lemonade. And of course what Lebanese meal would be complete without Arak? Then there was a dessert buffet with everything from fresh fruit to kneffe. We finished our meal with coffee and then a walk around Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh. It was a lovely afternoon. I can’t wait to take out-of-town visitors there. I highly recommend a meal at Tawlet. Even at full price it is well worth it.

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6 Comments on “Saturday Brunch at Tawlet

  1. Arak for brunch? Really? 🙂

    But to answer your question: “what Lebanese meal would be complete without Arak?”, I would say: The meals that all the Lebanese who don’t drink alcohol have..

    Great pictures!

  2. Ur such a stickler Mustapha! Jeeze! Cut the girl some slack!

    Your pictures look fantastic as usual Lindsay! Maybe you’ll come out to brunch with my and my friends one Sunday! We go all of the time.. There was a point where we went every Sunday for like two months in a row!

    Tawlet sounds fantastic, but if you are looking for more Western Style brunch..may I suggest Casablanca, Gruen, Ristretto, Bread Republic, and Eau de Vie in the Phoenicia!

    That being said, I should probably stop stalling and try Tawlet already!

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