The Present Perfect


One of the things I miss most about Beirut really doesn’t have anything to do with Beirut, the city, at all. What I really miss about life in Beirut is my great circle of friends that I had. More the going out, more than being invited somewhere, I love hosting a good party for my friends. It can be a dinner party, a barbecue, brunch, or a cocktail party; I just love having people… Read More

Saturday I went to a fabulous brunch with a group of girlfriends at Tawlet in Mar Mikhael. A few weeks ago a “deal” came up on Go Nabbit for 50% off at Tawlet. Some friends of ours had recently been and were raving about it so we decided to “nabbit” and go together as a group. In NYC brunch was an almost weekly event but here in Beirut brunch isn’t really a… Read More