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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Since I arrived in Beirut last August and began training for a 10K and then later a half marathon, I have run over 300 miles. All of those miles have been outside, either on the Corniche, at AUB, or some even right through downtown. While running I have had people do some pretty idiotic things in my direction, presumable to show off in front of friends or try and make fun of… Read More

I went to Baalbeck on a field trip with my sixth graders today. It was my third time there but surprisingly many of my students had never been there before. I thought they might think it was kind of boring but they were really impressed for the most part. While walking up this massive staircase right at the entrance, one student commented, “It’s like we’re walking up to the gates of heaven!”… Read More

Last week a colleague of mine was over at my house with her 10 year-old daughter. The third grader was full of stories and random bits of information . . . including a detailed description of her future wedding dress. “Wow, you already know what you want your wedding dress to look like?” (I mean I’m at least theoretically much closer to getting married and I have no idea what I would… Read More