The Present Perfect


One of the things I miss most about Beirut really doesn’t have anything to do with Beirut, the city, at all. What I really miss about life in Beirut is my great circle of friends that I had. More the going out, more than being invited somewhere, I love hosting a good party for my friends. It can be a dinner party, a barbecue, brunch, or a cocktail party; I just love having people… Read More

Head over to Mar Mikhael for a burger, fries and a shake at the teeny tiny, yet adorable, Frosty Palace. Then cross the street to Papercup and browse the carefully curated selection of books and magazines while sipping a perfectly pulled espresso. Purchase a book to take home if you’re so inclined. Remind yourself that you’re still in Beirut and not Brooklyn.

Saturday morning Samantha and I hopped in a cab with new friends Bethany and Ted and left the hot, muggy climate of Beirut for the cool, fresh mountain air of Baabdat. Jimmy and Madeline awaited us at their lovely house with a brunch spread including pumpkin pancakes, fruit salad, bruschetta, a spinach and feta tart, coffee, and cranberry lemonade. Some of the food came directly from their back yard garden, which they… Read More

Saturday I went to a fabulous brunch with a group of girlfriends at Tawlet in Mar Mikhael. A few weeks ago a “deal” came up on Go Nabbit for 50% off at Tawlet. Some friends of ours had recently been and were raving about it so we decided to “nabbit” and go together as a group. In NYC brunch was an almost weekly event but here in Beirut brunch isn’t really a… Read More