Photos from My 10K Race

:: Day 284 • Year 3 :: 10K race!Just before starting the race.

Hardee’s . . . Just what I want to think about eating while I’m running 10K.

3KThe kids doing the 3K race.

IMG_7196.JPGAlmost there!

IMG_7194.JPGMy friend Kim making her way to the finish line.

the finish line for the 10KThe finish line for the 10K.

I thought I couldn't . . . I canThe back of the finish line.

militaryWhy was the marathon an excuse for the military to show off? Anybody?


IMG_7195.JPGI can only imagine what this little boy was demonstrating for. His guardians were more than happy to step aside and let people take photos of him.

P.S. I finished in one hour exactly! 🙂

7 Comments on “Photos from My 10K Race

  1. Way to go!! Looks like a gorgeous day for a big run. How incredible to see your slogan at the finish line too!

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