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Monthly Archives: January 2011

With all the stuff that has been going on in Egypt this past week it has got me to thinking about what might have been. For the longest time I wanted to teach in Lebanon but thought it probably wasn’t the safest. Ever since I got hooked on Lebanon (2003?) I had told people that I wanted to teach in Lebanon but I’d probably teach in Egypt instead since Egypt was more… Read More

Today has been such a surreal day. I got to school at 9:15 (I start late on Tuesdays!) to find my third period English class only had nine students (half the class) present. A lot of parents kept their kids home either due to the overall uncertainty of the day, or because they live in areas where the roads would be unsafe to travel due today’s planned “Day of Anger.” Our school… Read More

A few weeks ago I heard about an organization called “Healthy Basket” that delivers weekly baskets of fresh, local, organic fruits and vegetables right to your door. A few people in my building were already getting it and from what they described it sounded a lot like a CSA, or community-supported agriculture, which I had always wanted to get when I was in New York. I checked out the Healthy Basket website,… Read More

I had a lovely two week break back in the states. I went to Chicago and Arizona. Yesterday I got on a plane to get back to Beirut and back to work. Happy New Year everyone!