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Monthly Archives: October 2010

I was so thrilled to be invited to my first wedding in Lebanon. I had heard all about the drama and spectacle of Lebanese weddings and this one did not disappoint. The wedding was held at the Rivera Hotel which was fortunate for me since it’s right near my apartment. We ate a lot of food and then danced the night away. (My friend even commented that I knew how to do… Read More

I could probably start a whole blog just about taxi adventures. Heck, we could make it a collective blog and all of us bloggers in Beirut could add our stories. I’m sure it would be endless entertainment. Anyway, I thought I’d share this tidbit from this evening. So I took a service that took me the LONG way to Hamra from Downtown. First he dropped off another passenger then he zigzagged every… Read More

Is it just me, or are the taxi/service drivers in Beirut really lazy? First of all, they honk at anything on two legs trying to get them to get in the car to take ride. (Sometimes it almost feels like harassment the way they slow down and honk at you while you’re just minding your own business walking down the street). Then, the times when you actually *want* a ride they say… Read More

Friday afternoon it rained. Actually, poured buckets of water from the sky seems like a more accurate description. The streets were like rushing rivers and the only thing to do was walk home from school right through the water as there was sometimes no getting around the floods. I was totally unprepared for the rain because after six weeks of checking the weather online only to see hot, hotter, and suffocatingly humid,… Read More