The Present Perfect


Today was a fantastic Sunday in Beirut. My day started bright and early (6:45am) with a 9.5 mile run. The weather was spectacular and at the end of my run I was greeted by a view of the snow-capped mountains rising above the Mediterranean and not a cloud in the sky. As I ran the last mile or so of my run I just admired the view and thought about how lucky… Read More

No, this is not turning into a running blog, but I had to write about my best run ever! I just bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday and though I could attribute it to that, I think it’s really all about the scenery. For a while now I’ve been looking forward to doing some long runs in NYC, not just to change up the scenery of my usual runs in… Read More

This morning I got up and ran. 6 miles. My first “long run” since the half marathon. Summer break is just starting and I REALLY just wanted to sleep in. But I got up. (An hour later than planned, but still.) I ran in the oppressive humidity questioning yet again why I run. I passed my apartment after mile four and thought, Now would be a good time to stop. Really, it… Read More

May turned out to be a month of big accomplishments for me. First, I ran my first half marathon (which I started training for back in February) in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan. Originally I had planned to run in a half marathon in Saida but a few weeks into my training I realized that somehow the event no longer existed (they cancelled it I guess?) A friend told me about… Read More

Since I arrived in Beirut last August and began training for a 10K and then later a half marathon, I have run over 300 miles. All of those miles have been outside, either on the Corniche, at AUB, or some even right through downtown. While running I have had people do some pretty idiotic things in my direction, presumable to show off in front of friends or try and make fun of… Read More

Last year my most popular post was one where I ranted about Beirut not being a great place for athletically minded people. I guess everyone loves a good rant and I appreciated all of the supportive comments, but . . . Since last year I’ve continued to run in Beirut and I’m starting to change my tune about running in this city. Last fall I joined up with the Nike Running Club… Read More

Just before starting the race. Hardee’s . . . Just what I want to think about eating while I’m running 10K. The kids doing the 3K race. Almost there! My friend Kim making her way to the finish line. The finish line for the 10K. The back of the finish line. Why was the marathon an excuse for the military to show off? Anybody? I can only imagine what this little boy… Read More

So who’s running in the marathon tomorrow? I am! Well, the 10K actually, but as I’ve learned in Beirut if you’re running any of the races that take place on the day of the marathon you SAY you’re running in the marathon. I am so excited for my second race ever! Back in May I did my first 5k race, which at the time was the most I had ever run in… Read More