Hostess With the Mostess*

One of the things I miss most about Beirut really doesn’t have anything to do with Beirut, the city, at all. What I really miss about life in Beirut is my great circle of friends that I had. More the going out, more than being invited somewhere, I love hosting a good party for my friends. It can be a dinner party, a barbecue, brunch, or a cocktail party; I just love having people over to my place and showing them a good time with good food and drink.

My apartment in Beirut was perfect for hosting with a spacious living space, full dining room table, and decent sized kitchen. Sure, in Brooklyn I could host eight people for Thanksgiving dinner by cramming them into my tiny living room and using the couch as extra seating, but having a great space makes all the difference.


Sunday morning potluck brunch at my place.


An early summer barbecue for friends on my rooftop.

05-Week w-Emily-8 06-Week w-Emily-10

My friend Emily visited from Cairo and together we hosted a dinner party for her Lebanese friends.

14-20111210-IMG_4602-untitledBefore the arrival of guests to my holiday cocktail party. Must photograph all the food!

13-IMG_4770I love introducing people!


Creating the menu and trying out new recipes is half the fun.


Book club at my place. After the eating, drinking, and socializing, we do finally get around to talking about some books.


The people in the kitchen always seem to be having the most fun.


Fresh baked strawberry scones to welcome my traveling friends to Beirut for the weekend.


Things can get interesting at the end of the night.

I’m really looking forward to starting my new life in Budapest, meeting some awesome people, and hosting some great parties! I hope to find a great apartment with plenty of space for hosting (and a spare bedroom for overnight guests). Friends, if you’re interested in visiting Budapest, I can’t wait to have you!

*At least I like to think so! (Also, I needed a title for this post.)

2 Comments on “Hostess With the Mostess*

  1. It looks like you had a great time there 🙂

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