Tourism After a Revolution

Last weekend I went on a fantastic weekend trip to Egypt. It might seem like a strange time to travel to Egypt but my friend Kim had planned the whole trip before the start of the revolution. I put her in touch with my good friend Emily who has lived in Cairo for four years so that she could help her make a decision on whether or not to go. Just days before the trip Emily convinced me that everything was fine for a weekend trip to Egypt so at the last minute I purchased my ticket.

We had such a great trip. Perfect weather, very few tourists, and a weekend packed full of sights and adventures.  We couldn’t believe we had even thought to NOT come. Kim and I joked that it seems as though immediately following a revolution is actually the *perfect* time to visit a country.

Here are some photo highlights from the trip as promised.

lunch at the pyramids

freedom mural

feluccas at sunset

green car

egyptian sun

mosque lanterns

old cairo

sunset over cairo

pyramid jump!

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