I just got back from a fabulous impromptu weekend trip to Cairo. I have a million pictures to go through and edit, and I’ll definitely post a bunch here, but in the mean time, a few thoughts on the taxi situation in Cairo.

First of all, we took only the new-ish white checkered taxis that all had meters and were quite cheap. Apparently these new metered cabs were part of a government program a few years back where the oldest cars in the city were traded in for new ones with meters, and therefore a standard price (hint, hint, *Lebanon* hint, hint).

Not once did a cab honk at us to try to give us a ride for merely standing on the sidewalk or crossing the street. When we wanted a cab, we hailed one. What a concept! (hint, hint, *Lebanon* hint, hint). OK, to be fair, when we were coming out of our hotel or in a super touristy area there were drivers standing on the street saying “Taxi? Taxi? Where are you going? Pyramids? Tour of the city?” But this is completely different from every taxi on the street honking at you for a ride when you are just standing on the sidewalk or walking to your destination.

Finally, we were almost to the end of our weekend trip when I had a realization: not one single driver refused to take us where we asked to go. Not. One. Imagine that! Taxi drivers actually wanting to do their job, make some money, and drive you to your destination! (hint, hint, *Lebanon* hint, hint).

OK, that is all for now. Stay tuned for pictures.

7 Comments on “Egypt!

  1. You can totally replace the ‘Lebanon’ in your whole post with ‘India’. I think my ears are still ringing from all the horn blowing! Although I’m now an expert at negotiating fares. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your pics!

  2. I had no idea that the taxi situation in Lebanon was EXACTLY like the one in Panama!!! I thought this was weird, but feel sort of comforted to know that it´s not only here. Sometimes taxis refuse to take me because it´s “too far” – and I end up walking there.

    Anyway, how was Cairo? 🙂

  3. I think that taxi-driving in Beirut has a history worth knowing. See if you can’t find an older person who knows…. they still run fixed-route “service” I take it? And somewhere in the back of my brain is a story about taxi-drivers destroying traffic signals…

    Of course the beeping is everyday here in the Bronx. I just gently nod my head no…


    • Yup, we still have services. I haven’t heard any stories like that about taxi drivers. In fact, I heard that we have only had traffic signals here for a few years here. Hence why people still ignore them whenever they feel like it.

  4. And here I was under the impression that the taxi situation in Cairo would be way worse than Beirut! I was mistaken! What a concept! 😀 Glad you had a good time and that you got back safely!

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