Lebanon: It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

There are so many things to love about this country and yet an equal amount of things to drive you completely insane. Yesterday I went skiing up at Faraya and it was such a perfectly gorgeous ski day that I chose to ignore all of the things that drive you batty and just enjoy the skiing.

IMG_1387The perfect ski day!

Things to love:

  • Only an hour drive from Beirut up to the mountain.
  • Tons of gorgeous snow, perfect for skiing.
  • Clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine (i.e. the perfect ski day).
  • Wide open slopes, no trees and relatively few people.
  • Coming back down to Beirut at the end of the day just in time to get to a cafe and watch the sun set over the Mediterranean with a cold drink and some Lebanese mezze.


Traffic on the way to the slopes.

Things to hate:

  • Once you’re finally up at the mountain, it’s another 45 minutes (at least) to get to the slopes due to the non-existent organization of the roads and tiny parking lots.
  • Chaos at the chair lifts. A little organization there could go a long way.
  • At the ski lodge I stopped in for lunch, there were about 8 tables inside and every table had a mountain of trash left on the table by skiers. One table filled with kids had a mountain of trash on the table and under the table. Why can’t people pick up after themselves??

The good certainly outweighed the bad today though. Sometimes you just have to enjoy Lebanon for what it is and not focus too much on how amazing it could be if only . . .

(Oh, and I guess I should add to the “Love” list that I was even able to ski on a Friday. We had the day off of school because of “Teacher’s Day.” There’s certainly no better way to appreciate teachers than to give them a day off of work to go skiing. Thank you Lebanon!)

One Comment on “Lebanon: It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

  1. Wow! This is such a plus. I feel the same about living in Panamá: we can enjoy the sun and the beach (two oceans!) year round, but the country would be so much better “if only…”, like you said.

    Anyway, having the mountain and the sea so close to where you live has got to be absolutely wonderful!

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