Field Trip to Baalbeck

I went to Baalbeck on a field trip with my sixth graders today. It was my third time there but surprisingly many of my students had never been there before. I thought they might think it was kind of boring but they were really impressed for the most part.

While walking up this massive staircase right at the entrance, one student commented, “It’s like we’re walking up to the gates of heaven!”

A lot of students were impressed to hear that Alexander the Great had passed through Lebanon.

One student thought every thing was “SO cool!” I asked him if he had seen anything like this in Rome or other countries and he said, “Yeah but this is cooler because it’s in Lebanon!”

massive columns

[ 147 ] baalbeck field trip

flowers and ruins

7 Comments on “Field Trip to Baalbeck

  1. Looks like an awesome place!!!! Isn’t it a blast when those you are showing something to really get into it and enjoy it like that? Do you get to arrange your own field trips?

    • This was a trip with the Social Studies dept. I’m sure if I proposed something it could be worked out but I’m not sure where I would take them. In NYC I was all over planning field trips. Maybe next year.

  2. Yes it’s always shocking how many Lebanese haven’t seen much of their own country! I’ve been there once, but am planning to go back again soon. You must be the coolest 6th grade teacher!

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