Beirut: Not a Haven For the Athletically Minded

Since I arrived in Beirut last August and began training for a 10K and then later a half marathon, I have run over 300 miles. All of those miles have been outside, either on the Corniche, at AUB, or some even right through downtown. While running I have had people do some pretty idiotic things in my direction, presumable to show off in front of friends or try and make fun of me. But today really takes the cake.

As I was running this afternoon a car pulled up next to me and a guy jumped out of the passenger seat, jogged three paces behind me, and the turned around and jumped back it the car as it sped off. Really?? Is it that weird for you to see someone actually working out? I hope these people realize that they are the ones that look ridiculous, not me.

That’s fine. The Lebanese can keep getting plastic surgery. Keep wearing designer clothes and full faces of makeup to the gym and not even break a sweat. Keep smoking cigarettes when they step outside of the gym. I’m going to keep on running. Keep on getting fit. Keep on achieving my goals. Even if some people think I am the one who looks strange.

[end rant]

20 Comments on “Beirut: Not a Haven For the Athletically Minded

  1. Too right! You just keep going. I look forward to your tweets saying how many miles you have run. I do the same in Dubai. Luckily, no one has stepped out of their car yet. Good luck 🙂

  2. Nah, don’t let it get to you; for every guy that barks from a car window another will hold your door open and not even stare at your butt. Beirut’s like that; that’s its charm.
    Keep running, and sleep with the knowledge that you’re healthier, and you’ve contributed to the happiness of a couple of idiots.

  3. 300 miles!?!! way to go! Sorry that people are so weird–keep ignoring them and do your thing!

  4. I love this rant. GO YOU. Are people really that opposed to athleticism in Lebanon? Why?

  5. Way to go!!!
    People around here are just a bunch of hypocrites….just keep going…its the best decision you can take!

    All the best!

  6. I feel you, one time I was going to my car, dribbling my football on the corniche after some training and this kid (~15 years old) ran up and booted it over the rail! Just for the hell of it!

  7. ah dont worry about the assholes…i started jogging on the corniche like 3 weeks ago (being the lazy, behind the desk and i found its very disgusting to be anywhere near this sort of ppl …so i changed my route, try going from aub -> downtown -> to the beil\new waterfront …its nice (as a view), less illiterate assholes and fun

  8. I was once running at the corniche, when some idiots in a car started making fun of me (and I’m LEBANESE and MALE). So don’t worry, just ignore those fools. They’ll eventually get bored and leave.

    • I must say I’m surprised to hear that these fools make fun of the men too. I figured part of it was due to that fact that I’m a female.

  9. So true. The gym I went to the other day doesn’t even have a pedestrian entrance… if you are not going to drive right in like everyone else you get to walk through the underground car park.

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  11. Don’t mind those idiots Lindsay! Just keep doing what you do! Eventually the Lebanese will come around. Although I have to say..300 miles! That’s impressive and you’re brave for doing it outdoors..ur absolutely right when you say that Beirut is not a pleasant city for athletic ppl!

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