The Present Perfect


While traveling through Malaysia I started noticing that a lot of the words I saw on buildings and signs looked suspiciously like English, but with the accent already built in. Here are a few signs that I managed to capture around Kuala Lumpur. Press butang tiket, resit Bas lane Restoran Muzium Tekstil It was a fun little scavenger hunt for English-looking words in the city.

My friend Laura met me in Hanoi for the weekend on her way back to China after summer holidays in the U.S. We spent our time gossiping catching up while shopping, eating, and scoping out the best cafes (and coffee) in Hanoi.

I went to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia on the recommendation of my friend Andy with the promise of cooler weather and the chance to visit a tea plantation. I had already visited a coffee plantation in Guatemala so this sounded like the proper next step. I booked a short half day “Countryside Tour” which turned out to be really great as I wouldn’t have been able to see all of the different… Read More

I am completely in love with all of the gorgeous floor tiles around Georgetown. I’ve been a little obsessed lately with the tiling in old Lebanese houses so I was really pleased to see a similar tradition here. The colors and patterns are endless! This shop not only has beautiful tiles in its entry way but it makes them too! The artists copy old designs and make them new. And all of… Read More

I have read on multiple blogs recently (and in my guidebook as well) that it can take some time to warm up to Bangkok. That it at first will just seem too overwhelming and chaotic, but that after a few visits it becomes familiar and more likeable. Maybe these aren’t city people like I am, or perhaps it’s just that they don’t have the perspective of coming directly from two years in… Read More

Although we’ve passed the mid-June mark, temperatures have finally made it into the 90s on a regular basis, and I’ve been to the beach on more than one occasion, it’s not quite summer for those of us who work at a certain school in Beirut. (Of course, I’m not at all jealous our friends at a neighboring school who are on flights home and away as I type. ) Today marks the… Read More

When I am out shooting I always seem to notice interesting doors. Perhaps that’s just because old Lebanese buildings just have really cool doors. In any case, here are some of the ones that I’ve spotted all over Lebanon from Tripoli in the north to Saida in the South.

Last weekend I went on a fantastic weekend trip to Egypt. It might seem like a strange time to travel to Egypt but my friend Kim had planned the whole trip before the start of the revolution. I put her in touch with my good friend Emily who has lived in Cairo for four years so that she could help her make a decision on whether or not to go. Just days… Read More

Last summer when I was in Lebanon I traveled all over the country but I somehow never managed to make it to see the famed Cedars. So last week when I was out having drinks with friends and a friend of a friend of a friend said he was taking a little road trip up to the Cedars on Sunday and generously invited me to go along (as the Lebanese always seem… Read More