The Present Perfect


Things got a little busy in July and I seriously neglected my photo project.The beginning of July marked the half way point in the year and also my big move from Beirut to the Midwest (USA). I think it’s kind of fitting that so much grass showed up in my self portraits this month! I’ve been trying to catch up, so I won’t lie and say that all of these pictures were… Read More

This month’s themes were motion, hand, legs, meme, and rest. 17/52 18/52 19/52  20/52 21/52

This month I was a little bit unfocused in the self-portrait taking being that I was traveling for a week and then really bogged down with all of the trip photos. I did still manage to get a photo for each of the themes this month: reflection, details, work, black & white. 9/52 10/52 11/52 12/52 Here are the round ups from January and February in case you missed them.

At the end of January I posted some of my favorite self portraits from the month that I took in my photography workshop. I thought I’d continue with the February SPs. This week’s themes were: dark, diptych, props, and eyes. 5/52 6/52 7/52 8/52