The Present Perfect


A few months ago I started noticing these colorful little birdhouses popping up all over Hamra. I particularly liked this large cluster against the side of an apartment building bordering a makeshift parking lot on Hamra Street. I finally got around to taking a photo and decided to actually look up some info on the project. I found this crazy little YouTube video (in, I guess, Danish) and that seems to be… Read More

I was walking down Abdel Aziz with my friend Samantha on the way home from the new Younes and noticed there was an art opening at a gallery. We popped in and had a glass of wine and checked out the paintings of Omar Fakhoury. We enjoyed it a lot.

In honor of my return to Beirut, I thought I’d do a little post to show all the ways one should not park a car. I thought it would take me at least two trips in various neighborhoods to document all of the crazy ways that Lebanese drivers park, but I was able to accomplish the task quite easily walking around Hamra for an hour. Without further ado, here are some examples… Read More