The Present Perfect


Hard to believe a month of dresses is almost over already! On Day 15 I got on a plane and headed to California for the holidays so this week is coming to you from L.A. instead of Beirut. Here are the looks from week three.                Oh, and this is my 100th post on The Present Perfect!

Half way through the month of December and a month of nothing but dresses! This was the last week of work before the holiday break so it was also my last chance to wear any really work-y dresses, so I squeezed those in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Saturday I actually wore TWO dresses so I figure that makes up for missing day 1 🙂           My suitcase is… Read More

31 dresses + the month of December = Dressember I only recently learned about the month otherwise known as “Dressember” from my long-time Flickr friend Amanda while browsing through her Instagram photos. A month dedicated to wearing all the dresses in my closet (and of course documenting everything online) seemed like too much fun to pass up. So here I am jumping in a day late with my first dress of the… Read More