The Present Perfect


I am completely in love with all of the gorgeous floor tiles around Georgetown. I’ve been a little obsessed lately with the tiling in old Lebanese houses so I was really pleased to see a similar tradition here. The colors and patterns are endless! This shop not only has beautiful tiles in its entry way but it makes them too! The artists copy old designs and make them new. And all of… Read More

I am so incredibly grateful to my friends Muay and Andy from Beirut who invited me to visit them in Phuket  during our summer travels. Muay is Thai and Andy has spent the better part of 7 years living in Thailand, and together with their friend Jay who owns a resort on the island, they have truly given me the insiders tour. It seems we’ve covered every inch of this great island… Read More

The old French Mandate and Ottoman-era architecture of Beirut is one of my favorite things about the city. I love the balconies held up by strong yet intricate corbels, the triple-arched pointed windows, and the warm colors of the peeling paint. All too often in Beirut these beautiful buildings are in a sad state of disrepair. Often times I see these beautiful old houses and try to imagine what they were like… Read More