The end of summer holidays, time to begin a new chapter

As I sit here in my Budapest hotel room on the eve of my departure for Bangkok, I’m reflecting on one of the best summers I can remember. My only goal for this summer was to spend some time in Italy before I move so far away and can no longer just “pop over” for the weekend. While I originally imagined my holidays being mostly alone time hanging out on the beach, it ended up being filled with friends and family and I was only alone a few days out of the entire summer. I started out with a few days in Berlin where my friend Kathleen hosted me for several days while also sneaking in quick catch-up visits with two other friends (Iman and Rich) in the city. Then on to Italy where I spent a week in Puglia with my sister, a week in Ischia with Sophia and Cristina, a week in Liguria with my aunt, and then closing out the summer in Venice with my aunt and Sophia.

I am in a Whatsapp group with the rest of the newbie teachers that will be starting with me in Bangkok in August. As the summer wore on, I started getting more and more updates about teachers arriving in Bangkok, finding housing, and starting to get settled. I started feeling twinges of unease as I was enjoying my holiday yet feeling that I should be there preparing for this next chapter. I pushed those thoughts aside reminding myself that I had given myself a week before new teacher orientation both in Beirut and Budapest and it was enough. I don’t regret a single moment or memory of my summer

One Comment on “The end of summer holidays, time to begin a new chapter

  1. What an amazing summer!! I can’t wait to hear about your new life in Bangkok. Good luck with your upcoming travels!

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