Packed Out

The movers came Tuesday and packed up my things for my shipment to Thailand. So much thought and preparation went into this move that I can truly say I feel one thousand times lighter now that it is done. I started back in January by getting rid of the winter clothes that I knew I didn’t want or need in Bangkok. I went through all of my clothes and purged as much as I thought possible. (And then I repeated that process about five more times throughout the year, each time finding more and more that I could part with.)

I started making lists of what I needed to make sure to keep with me and not send in my shipment, and I made mental notes of how and when to get rid of things. I sold things to colleagues and made many trips carrying things from my apartment to my car to the school building. I meticulously made lists of what was in my pantry and made my weekly meal plans based on what I had left. Just before the movers arrived, I packed my suitcase for my summer holidays in Italy (the first time I have EVER packed a week in advance) and then packed two suitcases with the stuff I would take with me directly to Bangkok to hold me over until my shipment arrives in mid-September (hopefully!).

With all of those preparations, I was ready for the movers! They arrived at 11:30 am (I took the day off of school) and I followed them around as they packed just to make sure they didn’t mistakenly pack something that belonged to the apartment. By 3:30 they were done and the paperwork was signed and I said goodbye to my things until we meet again in Bangkok. Now I sit in an empty apartment with four suitcases packed to the brim. Sunday I leave for Italy and then on July 21st I’ll come back to collect my Bangkok suitcases and head to the airport to begin the next chapter.

One Comment on “Packed Out

  1. So exciting! I can’t wait to follow along on your Bangkok adventures.

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