It finally happened

Well, after more than two years, Covid finally got me. I was almost starting to think that I was somehow magically avoiding it. Oddly enough, this week was also the same week that a handful of friends back home and another handful of people that I follow online all announced that they got Covid for the first time making it seem like EVERYONE was finally getting it now.

While it’s never great to get sick, now was probably the best possible time for it to happen to me. I took two trips earlier this year for school breaks and getting covid then could have really messed up those plans and cost me a lot of money. (Actually, just before each trip I had that paranoid feeling of “tingle” in my throat, but both times it turned out to be nothing.) In a month, school will be out and I have a fully booked summer and will be moving out of my apartment, so definitely not ideal for getting sick. After that, I’ll be moving to Bangkok and I will be in a new city, new country, new school, and looking for a place to live. So, that’s why, for me, this was the last best time for me to get covid if I was going to have to get it. Hopefully now with some immunity and added precautions, I will be ok for the next several months.

So, how did I get covid? I’m still not sure. I started feeling that “tingle” in my throat on Sunday evening. Like I had done several times already this year, I planned to go to the nurse in the morning for an antigen test to see if I had a positive result. When I got to school, I found out that a student I had been at an event with on Saturday had tested positive (though we hadn’t been in particularly close contact). My antigen test came back negative, but because my throat was feeling slightly sore and I was at an event with a positive case, I went home immediately before the school day even started. Tuesday I felt a little worse, and that night I did a home test and got a positive result. Wednesday was the day I felt the worst, but it really wasn’t terrible. (Now thinking back, the reaction I had to the first vaccine was way worse.)

Our health liaison at school told me I would be able to come back to school on Monday if I had three symptom-free days, but Friday morning I woke up with an ongoing sore throat and stuffy/runny nose, pushing my return date to Tuesday at the earliest. By the weekend, I felt much better aside from a lingering sore throat. My return to school was finally agreed upon for Wednesday as long as I no longer had a runny nose and any cough was gone or at least a “dry cough.” As I sit here and write this on Tuesday, I am happy to say that I WILL be going back to work tomorrow! So did I get covid from the student at the event on Saturday? Seems unlikely since we were not in close contact. On the Friday night before that, I had gone to a wine event indoors, but I checked with all of the other attendees, and I was the only one who got sick. Maybe from school on Friday? We only had two cases in the middle school and I’m not sure when they occurred, so small chance there as well. I guess this is just an unknowable thing.

One Comment on “It finally happened

  1. Glad to hear your case was mild too. I’ve been dealing with some brain fog since mine and I hope it goes away soon. I still have no idea where I got COVID either! I was with my whole family on our Disney trip and I’m the only one who got it. So strange.

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