Will Travel For Vaccine

Earlier this week our school gave us the option to travel back to our home countries to get vaccinated if we wanted. We had another two school weeks until our spring break, so if we traveled right away that would make for a three week trip home, but it also meant working Budapest hours while being on West Coast time (for me) – a nine hour time difference!

I didn’t initially jump at the chance because I wasn’t particularly anxious about getting mine. Although it was still quite unclear when expats in Hungary would be able to get vaccinated, I felt sure that at some point we would. Worst case scenario, I’d be able to get vaccinated when I went home for the summer holidays at the end of June. Then I ran into a friend at school who had already booked her trip home and it got me thinking more about it. I looked into vaccine appointments and flights and talked to my family about it and suddenly I REALLY wanted to go. I booked my flight for a few days later and got my Covid test in preparation to fly. And then, the very next day, we got word that we could now register for the vaccine in Hungary as expats. Some of our Hungarian colleagues have already started getting their shots, and now it would likely be in the coming weeks that we could get ours too. I debated back and forth about canceling the trip (it would mean saving that money for the flight and not having to work ridiculous hours), but in the end I realized I already had my mind set on going and it would feel like a huge disappointment to cancel.

So, I leave early tomorrow morning and get the vaccine on Wednesday. I registered for the J&J one-dose vaccine so that I will be fully vaccinated for my return to Budapest. I already feel lighter knowing that I have the appointment. I am full of hope for the summer and a return to something that looks like normal.

2 Comments on “Will Travel For Vaccine

  1. Have a safe trip home!! So glad you’re getting vaccinated!

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