Budapest, Year 7

When I first started at my new school in Budapest in 2014, I remember meeting the teacher across the hall from me who was starting her seventh year and I thought that was incredible. Seven years at the same school! In the international school world, teachers tend to move on much more quickly than that, and staying as little as two to three years is very common.

Well, time flies, and here I am starting my seventh year in Budapest. I always say that I’m willing to try living just about anywhere for two years (the general initial contract for international schools), and I can always move on if I don’t like it. I never would have thought I’d land in a place for so long. Indeed my third year, I started thinking that maybe I’d do a “soft search” and if my dream job in a dream location came up, I’d snap it up before I had a chance to worry about having any big regrets about leaving. But then by the time job search time came in the fall, I knew I couldn’t leave. I think I had this “plan” of the soft search for two or three years before I finally gave in and admitted I wasn’t going anywhere. Now I’ve committed to a new apartment (my third in Budapest) for two years, so it looks like year eight will be happening as well.

And so, in less than a week, year seven begins (for teachers anyway). We’ve been extremely lucky here in Hungary that our Covid-19 numbers have been very low (only 1-25 cases per day since the end of May), so we are able to open our school relatively normally (temperature checks at the door, but no masks or social distancing). I believe all of our new teachers have arrived as well (including our new school director!). Who knows how the year will play out and whether we will have to go to distance learning again (we did 13 weeks in the spring), but my 16th year teaching is sure to be an interesting one either way.

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