Where I am From

Trying out something a little different here on the Present Perfect. Are you ready for some poetry??

I wrote this poem today as part of an eCourse I am doing called the Geography of Now. I was inspired to take this course because I love Monna McDiarmid’s blog, At Home Where You Are. I can’t say I remember the last time I wrote a poem, so here goes nothing.

Where I am From

I am from the cold-weather beaches
and salty, fresh air
of a small coastal town:
three room schoolhouse,
salt water taffy shack–
pink and white stripes,
volunteer fire department,
and sea lions barking at your lunch.

I am from the wide open spaces
of my college years:
heat like an oven,
sprawling chaos,
and long distances to travel,
the peaceful tranquility
of a night-time drive
under dancing stars.

I am my first experience
living abroad:
learning a language,
a culture,
a new way of being.
Where I had my first taste
of city life:
a ballet to make
Jane Jacobs proud.

I am from big city living,
where I finally learned where
I needed to be.
Where children play on stoops,
and everyone
anticipates the arrival, each year,
of the Mr. Softee truck.
Where we put up with dead of winter
just for the chance
to be a part of it all.

I am from the crumbling ruins
of a city by the sea,
but it’s not what you would think.
I am from the gritty, chaotic,
and unruly streets,
but also from snow-capped mountains,
wrought iron balconies, and
ancient Cedar trees.

I live in a city which I am only just
coming to know:
river views,
healing waters,
grand buildings lit up at night,
it’s foreign yet familiar,
like I’ve been here before.
Someday I will say
I am from here.

4 Comments on “Where I am From

  1. DUDE. I write “I am from” poems based on the George Ella Lyons every spring with my students!! I think it works as such a great template!

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