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Monthly Archives: August 2014

I’ve been trying to balance my weekends between nesting at home in my apartment and getting out to explore my new city. I think I was fairly successful this weekend. Here are a couple of snaps around town from the last two days. (Not a proper photo walk, but it’s something!) Happy weekend!

Last summer I returned to the U.S. with a little bit of extra weight–and I don’t just mean excess baggage. A year of crafting (all the while drinking tea and eating baked goods!) and little to no exercise will do that to you. Within the first week back I had started CrossFit and then slowly started working towards healthy eating. Baked goods were the first to go. Then I started making healthy meals (many inspired… Read More

The title of this post was supposed to be “One Week in Budapest” but here we are and already 17 days have passed since I arrived. So I guess, more accurately: Two and a Half Weeks in Budapest. I know that I want to say something to mark my arrival and new beginnings in a new city, new county, new life, but I haven’t been quite sure just what exactly it is… Read More

Since I started telling people that I accepted a job in Budapest back in February, I have been met with many a blank stare from people who had no idea where it was located (Europe). Based on my own experience, I can only imagine what Ebby went through telling his friends and family that he was moving to Baku in Azerbaijan. I admit, I had to look it up myself (It’s east of… Read More