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Monthly Archives: June 2014

One of the things I miss most about Beirut really doesn’t have anything to do with Beirut, the city, at all. What I really miss about life in Beirut is my great circle of friends that I had. More the going out, more than being invited somewhere, I love hosting a good party for my friends. It can be a dinner party, a barbecue, brunch, or a cocktail party; I just love having people… Read More

In this installment of International Educator Interviews, Corey dishes on how studying abroad led to teaching abroad and what Mexico is really like. (Hint: He likes it so much he’s staying in-country for his next teaching post.) Where are you now and what are you currently teaching? I’m currently in Monterrey, Mexico teaching fourth grade at the American Institute of Monterrey. Is this your first international post or is this one in… Read More

When I was teaching in Beirut, I was often tasked with writing to incoming teachers to tell them all about their new teaching position as well as a little about life in Beirut. I’d tell them the grade levels they would be teaching, what “ESL” at our school meant, a general idea of a schedule, and maybe a little about the middle school. The incoming teacher would often write back with a… Read More

Today’s interview features my dear friend Jodi whom I met during my time in Beirut. Jodi is actually not a teacher, but a school guidance counselor, and thus has a unique perspective on the world of international schools. I’m quite jealous of her current posting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a place I’d love to visit, if not stay for longer. Where are you now and what are you currently teaching? I’m finishing… Read More