Happy Making

My current happy making list, in no particular order:

1. the Arizona sunshine*

2. Beck’s new album Morning Phase

3. finding my favorite NYC yoga studio here in Arizona

4. a full-time job

5. iced coffee

6. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods

7. the anticipation of moving to Budapest and starting a new adventure

8. CrossFit

9. Learning a new language . . . from the VERY beginning. (Hi there, Hungarian. Nice to meet you.)

10. salmon

11. podcasts in Italian

*In no particular order, except for this. Everything is better with an abundance of sunshine.

One Comment on “Happy Making

  1. My mom and stepdad just moved to Arizona, and although I’ve only visited them once, I can positively admit that the gorgeous sunshine there is undoubtedly a happiness inducer! But oh, how I miss iced coffee and Whole Foods! Make the most of it while you can before you hop on over to this side of the pond šŸ™‚

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