How I Travel

Today’s post comes to you as part of a blog challenge from Small Planet Studio. Here are my answers to Cate’s questions. Feel free to answer the questions on your own blog!

Do you travel with a backpack or suitcase? Why?

These days I tend to travel more with a suitcase than a backpack, probably because I  stay in one place longer than I used to.  For years, though, I traveled exclusively with my trusty backpack which I bought in 1998 before my first big backpacking adventure through Europe. I still have that same bag from 16 years ago, and even wrote a post about it on my blog in 2012 when I took it for eight weeks of traveling through Southeast Asia. Now I tend to prefer a small rolling suitcase. Not only is it easier to pack and keep organized, but it doesn’t get off that student vibe.

Do you prefer to travel overland or by air?

I really don’t have anything against flying, in fact I kind of like it (despite all the hassles and discomfort). For the most part I fly because I just want to get where I am going, though at times traveling overland by train or boat can be part of the fun. I can’t really say I enjoy busses though!

What’s your favorite way to occupy yourself on long-haul flights?

Oddly enough, I don’t really do much to entertain myself! Sometimes I will bring a few things, like a book or some knitting, but I find I often don’t even get those things out of my carry-on. I’m pretty good at sleeping through most of a long-haul flight. Other than that I may watch a movie or two on the seat back when it’s available.

What’s one word that sums up your most recent re-entry experience?

Bittersweet. I had a lot of really good reasons to be coming “home” but a lot of things that I was going to miss about the place I was leaving.

What’s your favorite travel app or website?

I really like Trip It for organizing all of the details of my trip reservations in one spot. The app pulls reservations from your email and organizes them by date and trip. So for example, if I were flying to L.A. for a trip tomorrow the app would tell me that I had a flight at 9am tomorrow, then a rental car reservation, then check in at such and such hotel, then reservations for a show at 8pm, etc. It also has contact info and directions for each booking. It’s really handy when you have a lot of reservations or trips so that you aren’t constantly searching through your email trying to find what you booked.


One Comment on “How I Travel

  1. I love this, Lindsay! I used to be a backpack person until a few years ago. I have to admit, I really love my little suitcase. Good tip about Trip It. I downloaded it a while back and am looking forward to trying it out next month!

    Thanks for participating in the blog challenge!

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