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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Today’s post comes to you as part of a blog challenge from Small Planet Studio. Here are my answers to Cate’s questions. Feel free to answer the questions on your own blog! Do you travel with a backpack or suitcase? Why? These days I tend to travel more with a suitcase than a backpack, probably because I  stay in one place longer than I used to.  For years, though, I traveled exclusively… Read More

For this week’s International Educator Interview, I bring you Andrew who is currently teaching in Hong Kong. Andrew and I briefly taught together in Brooklyn before parting ways on our own international adventures, he to China and me to Beirut. Read on to hear Andrew’s take on life as an international educator. Where are you now and what are you currently teaching? I am teaching 4th grade at ISF Academy in Hong Kong…. Read More

You guys. I got a job teaching at the American International School of Budapest! But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let me back up and tell you about this year’s job fair. It was a bit different from my first. That whole job fair-in-five-emotions thing? Multiply that by about 10 for this one. Unlike last time where I landed my dream job Saturday morning, this time around I was working… Read More