The Emotions of an International School Job Fair in Five Self-Portaits

You guys. In just two days I’ll be getting on a plane to go to my second international school job fair. In less than a week I will potentially know where on this planet I will be spending the next two years of my life. It’s pretty exciting. And nerve-wracking.

In 2010 when I went to the job fair I was in the midst of a self-portrait project so I have pictures of myself from each day at the job fair. I think the photos are pretty reflective of the wave of emotions that you ride at one of these events.

day beforeAnticipation. The day before the job fair I was feeling so anxious. I REALLY had my heart set on going to Beirut, but I was also just nervous about the whole intense process of the job fair weekend.

20140128-day one-untitledExcitement. On the first day of the fair there was registration and meeting other teachers there looking for jobs. Knowing anything could happen was pretty exciting. (Plus, who doesn’t like to take a hotel jumping picture? Oh, that’s just me?)

20140128-day two-untitledExhaustion. The first big day of the job fair started around 7am and was filled with four hours of interview sign-ups, four interviews, numerous school presentations, and then a cocktail and networking reception. I was seriously zonked. And I definitely couldn’t think straight.

20140128-day three-untitledElation. On the morning of the second day of interviews, what I thought was a final interview was actually a job offer. At my first choice school. I couldn’t have been more happy. I still remember quickly rushing around to cancel the rest of the interviews I had for the rest of the fair and then, after the last one was canceled, calling my family to tell them the good news.

day fourRelief. On my final day in Boston, I felt as free as a bird! No last-minute interviews. No hard decisions. No waiting around to hear the results of a final interview. I was totally free and it was a huge relief! I even had some time to spare to catch up with an old friend before catching my bus back to New York.

Here’s hoping that this year has similarly good results!

3 Comments on “The Emotions of an International School Job Fair in Five Self-Portaits

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it! You’ll do great–any school will be lucky to have you!

  2. Hi Lindsay,
    My husband and I are international teachers in China, and I’ve been following your blog for about a year and a half now. I enjoy your outlook on life. I have a crazy request for you. International College-Beirut has Art and PYP openings and seems to have not filled them at Cambridge. This is my husband’s and my top choice school! We did not register for the early job fairs because it was a late decision to leave our school next year. The pollution where we are has drastically worsened in the last year. I wonder if you would be willing to forward our letters of intent and CVs to IC administration? It might just be the toe in the door that we need. I know it’s a crazy request, but it’s worth a shot. We would absolutely love to end up at IC next year. We are registered for Search San Francisco, but International College is the only school attending that we are interested in. I will hope for an email from you: mlehurd at gmail dot com
    Peace, Emily

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