Self Portraits in July

Things got a little busy in July and I seriously neglected my photo project.The beginning of July marked the half way point in the year and also my big move from Beirut to the Midwest (USA). I think it’s kind of fitting that so much grass showed up in my self portraits this month!

I’ve been trying to catch up, so I won’t lie and say that all of these pictures were actually taken in July, but these were the themes of the week in July: half, strength, hair, hobby, skin.

half 26/52

strength 27/52

summer hair 28/52

my (newish) hobby 29/52

morning light on my skin 30/52

4 Comments on “Self Portraits in July

  1. wow…I really love your pictures…you are so creative and inspiring! 🙂
    I love the colors of the first and the composition of the second…are you using a tripod?

    • Thanks Sara! No, no tripod. I still haven’t broken down an bought one after about 5 years of self portraits! I should though!

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