Snapshots of Venice

I had no goals or plans for my trip to Italy. I’ve been to Italy more times than I can count, and although I haven’t seen everything that I’d like to see, this trip wasn’t about seeing Italy, it was about being in Italy. For the whole six days I’d be in there I wanted nothing more than to eat some delicious meals, drink wine (or Spritz as the case may be), have some gelato, and speak Italian. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s my recipe for a perfect vacation.

I could have gone anywhere in Italy (or anywhere else within easy flight distance for that matter), but when my good friend Sophia told me she was in Venice working on a study abroad program and had a free place for me to stay I didn’t have to think it over.

I’ve been to Venice on several occasions, in both summer and winter, but always for just two or three days and always seeming to cover the same sights. This time, I really enjoyed being there for more than a couple of days because it gave me time to explore much more of the city than I previously had. It helped that I was with Sophia who knows the city so well having studied abroad there. I also had the benefit of tagging along with her study abroad students on their art history lectures around the city so I saw some art and architecture that I wouldn’t necessarily have sought out on my own.

Surprisingly I didn’t actually take a ton of photos on this trip. Or perhaps, not surprisingly since I have so many from previous trips. In any case, here are a few of my favorites from my quick little jaunt to Venice last month.


The campanile in Piazza San Marco
sophia and a nice plate of frutti di mare
Sophia with a nice plate of frutti di mare
Spritz time is all the time in Venezia
It’s always Spritz time in Venice
bridge of sighs
Bridge of Sighs
sunset on venice
Sunset over the Giudecca Canal
scuola grande di san rocco
Inside the Scula Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista
canal laundry
Laundry drying on the canal
scuola grande di san rocco
Sucola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista
inside the biennale
Biennale Artwork
watch out for the massive swinging tree!
Massive swinging tree at the Latvia Pavilion at the Biennale
sophia at the water entrance to her apartment
The water entrance to Sophia’s apartment

Some people discount Venice saying that it’s too touristy and too Disneyland-like. It’s true there are swarms of tourists if you visit in summer, but I don’t think it’s at all like Disneyland (go to Las Vegas if you want to see the Disneyland version of Venice). To me, the city of Venice is like a living museum preserved for visitors to witness. True, it’s not exactly as it was, but how could it be? All of the buildings, all of the canals, those are real, and it’s up to your imagination to try and envision it as it was in its day. If you can do that, visiting Venice is a bit more like stepping back in time than stepping into an amusement park.

I invite you to pop over and read Bethany’s take on “escaping Disneyland Venice” from her and Ted’s round-the-world trip last year. (It’s worth it for the photos alone!)

3 Comments on “Snapshots of Venice

  1. These are beautiful snapshots of Venice! Venice looks like it is full of rich history and charm. What a great place to visit! I hope to go one day soon.

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