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Monthly Archives: June 2013

My ears are filled with Italian already.

One of the hardest parts about leaving Beirut in a few, short weeks will be leaving behind all of the wonderful friends and great community that I’ve found here in Beirut. (In fact, my friend Emilee just wrote a post on this very topic today on her blog Beirut, An Education.) While expats tend to form a natural community abroad, being in the relatively similar position of being an outsider in a… Read More

I finished the project back in April just in time to take with my on my trip to Kenya. While I didn’t get to actually wear it there (it was surprisingly quite cool), it was nice to have an opportunity to photograph it in a location other than my apartment! The pattern is from Burda from 2/2010. I spent a lot of time finishing the inside to make it nice. I know… Read More

This month’s themes were motion, hand, legs, meme, and rest. 17/52 18/52 19/52  20/52 21/52

The thing about language learning is that it’s not at all permanent. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Simple. I have a B.A. in Italian but when you go stretches of time without using the language you start to forget the most basic things. (Case in point: the other day I was looking at the Italian version of DuoLingo to see what it was all about and it took me… Read More