Six Days in Kenya

Judging by blog posts alone, you’d think I went to Kenya and had such a great time I decided not to come back to Beirut.

Well, part of that statement is true anyway. It was a short, but sweet six days, and I would have loved to stay longer.

I went without researching at all as I was relying on my friend Samantha who has lived there for the last year to plan something fun for us and she did not disappoint.

We spent the first two days at her house in Nairobi and she took me to all of her favorite places around town to eat and shop. We also went to the Giraffe Center in Karen to, you know, see some giraffes. You could feed them little pellets of food either by hand or by holding it in your teeth so the giraffe would lick your face. That method looked way too slimy for me so I opted out of that one.

giraffe feeding

I was amazed at how green and lush the area around Nairobi is. (Such a change from Beirut!) It was the rainy season as well, so it think I was seeing Nairobi at it’s greenest. I loved all of the roadside nurseries all around town.

We spent a morning wandering around Kangemi market near Samantha’s house. We were particularly interested in the tailors and seamstresses making clothing out of bright, patterned fabrics. Most had a wall of photographs showing you what they could make for you, though they didn’t have fabric for sale.

Friday we headed up north for a little road trip to Lake Elementaita to relax on the lake and see some animals. It was about a two-hour drive up the Nairobi-Nakuru Road.

We finally made it to the Sunbird Lodge and it was breathtaking. Samantha really knows how to pick accommodations, I tell you.

After a day of relaxing in the sunshine, we headed out the next day to Lake Naivasha to see some animals on a “walking safari” of sorts.

On our final day, we stopped at the Little Owl Sanctuary on the way home to see some owls. We were surprised to also see a very frightening vulture on the back patio of the house at the sanctuary. (Well, I’m really scared of big birds so it was frightening to me!) I thought the owls were quite cute as long as they didn’t open their wings and start flying around.

Our final stop on the way home was a lookout point over the Great Rift Valley and we were lucky enough that the clouds parted and the rain stopped just in time for us to get a few pictures.

I felt like I saw so much in the short time I was in Kenya, but there’s so much that I could have seen had there only been more time. I’m looking forward to making my way back at some point to see more.

4 Comments on “Six Days in Kenya

  1. Oooh, I never did the owl sanctuary there — that is a huge bonus to having a friend who’s local! Sounds like a great trip.

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