Turkey, Part II: Ephesus and Other Ruins

With just a short amount of time in Turkey, we really only had time to visit one place other than Istanbul. We had debated between Cappadocia and Ephesus, but in the end decided on Ephesus since it seemed the weather would be a bit nicer. That, and one of us hadn’t seen too many Roman ruins, so it sounded pretty interesting.

Without thinking it through too much, we planned for three whole days in Selçuk (just near Ephesus) so we had time to see more than we had originally thought. We ended up spending a day at Ephesus with the evening in Kuşadası, a day visiting the village of Sirince, and a day taking a road trip (we rented a car, yay!) visiting various ruins along the way and ending at the coastal town of Güllük.


arcadian way
Arcadian Way

library of celsusLibrary of Celsus

ancient archwayThe Library of Celsus peeking through the archway with bonus Cypress trees.

sleepy Ephesus cat
A sleepy cat at the amphitheater

exactly the shoes I would choose for walking around some ruins.
What some people wear to visit ancient ruins. (Actually, it was my second choice of footwear, but I went with my first choice of tennis shoes instead.)

delicious mosaic floor!Gorgeous mosaic floor


Road Trip Highlights

the steps leading up to the ruins at Priene

Pausing on the long stairway up to Priene

columns at PrieneIonic columns at Priene

roadside juice
Roadside juice stand

scenic prieneSpring in Priene

Miletus amphitheater

capitals at Priene
Corinthian capitals at Miletus

Final destination: Güllük

mmm . . . Effes
Perfect end to a lovely day . . .

perfect end to a lovely day
Cold beer at sunset overlooking the water. What more could you want?

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