Spring Break in Turkey

It’s been over two weeks since I got back from Turkey and I’m still sorting through and editing pictures. (I took 560.) While I’ve been slowly taking my time, wading through the pictures, the days and weeks until spring break #2 (I know, I know) are quickly slipping away. In the interest of not falling completely behind, I’m posting my favorites so far. (Maybe some day I’ll get around to the rest.)

Today’s post is dedicated to the Istanbul portion of the trip; I’ll do a separate one of the Ephesus part.

light and dark in the mosque

Natural and artificial light in the Blue Mosque.

push cart vendor

Push cart vendor

lovely teas for sale in the spice market

Lovely tea for sale in the spice market.

basilica cistern

The Basilica Cistern, deep below the streets of Istanbul.

cat + tile = love

Ah, the cats of Istanbul, even cuter when paired with beautiful tile. (And if you’ve been following my travels, you know how much I love tile.)

galeta tower view

The view from the Galata Tower. The best of Europe.

nostalgic tram

The nostalgic tram

busy pedestrian street

Busy street in Istanbul with very few tourists, yet only blocks away from the major sites.


Shopkeeper in what appeared to be textile row

charming waterfront

Lovely view from the Bosphorus

quiet moment

Inside the walls of the Hagia Sofia

bowls, bowls, bowls

Bowls, bowls, bowls! I wanted them all!

in line to go up the galeta tower

Happy travelers!

I’m going to go ahead and classify this as Europe for the sake of the index seeing as we were mostly on the European side.

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