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Monthly Archives: April 2013

For some reason I haven’t been able to find the time to take a lot of self portraits this month. Each Monday when the theme of the week is announced, I think of how fun it is going to be to experiment with different types of shots, and then before I know it the week flies by and I am rushing to get one shot done. I guess some months are just… Read More

I finished my Cambie a few weeks ago and I’ve been waiting for some warm weather to give it a test run. This week the rain finally let up so I was able to wear it to work. This is probably the first thing that I have made that I really don’t have any complaints about. I truly love everything about it. (On the first wear it was feeling a bit big,… Read More

With just a short amount of time in Turkey, we really only had time to visit one place other than Istanbul. We had debated between Cappadocia and Ephesus, but in the end decided on Ephesus since it seemed the weather would be a bit nicer. That, and one of us hadn’t seen too many Roman ruins, so it sounded pretty interesting. Without thinking it through too much, we planned for three whole… Read More

It’s been over two weeks since I got back from Turkey and I’m still sorting through and editing pictures. (I took 560.) While I’ve been slowly taking my time, wading through the pictures, the days and weeks until spring break #2 (I know, I know) are quickly slipping away. In the interest of not falling completely behind, I’m posting my favorites so far. (Maybe some day I’ll get around to the rest.)… Read More

This month I was a little bit unfocused in the self-portrait taking being that I was traveling for a week and then really bogged down with all of the trip photos. I did still manage to get a photo for each of the themes this month: reflection, details, work, black & white. 9/52 10/52 11/52 12/52 Here are the round ups from January and February in case you missed them.

Last month Alexa Hart interviewed me for her website Atlas Sliced. We talked about what it’s like living and teaching in Beirut, including how I got the job, what the benefits are, how to meet people, and of course the number one question I get “Is it safe?” For answers to all these questions and more, check out the interview here. Atlas Sliced is a really great resource if your are thinking… Read More