Mar Mikhael and a Coat Made by Me!

The coat is finally finished AND I’m finally getting around to posting about it! Actually, I would have posted about it right away but I was waiting to get some decent pictures first and to do that I needed a friend’s help. (Thanks, Imad!)

Making a coat is a huge undertaking and it’s kind of baffling, even to me, that this was pretty much the second garment I ever made. (Well, started. In the process of making it I completed quite a few others.) It goes without saying that I could not have done this all on my own as a first project, but luckily I had Layla to help me in her coat making class.

I started with an inspiration board on Pinterest and then decided on this pattern from Simplicity.

What I loved about the main image was the contrasting lines on the raglan sleeves and that it didn’t have a collar since that was one style of coat that I didn’t already own. The pattern didn’t come with a lining pattern so Layla had to help me figure that out, and I won’t lie and say it didn’t cause any trouble along the way!

I bought the fabric for the coat on October 27, so that gives you an idea of how long it took. (We worked one night per week and then I took two weeks off for Christmas break).

Apart from adding a lining, I changed several things on the coat. I changed the cuff on the sleeve and made a different type of pocket (both drafted myself), added piping where I think the pattern called for some type of sewn-on lace or rick rack), added a back stay, and added a panel behind where the eye hooks clasped. Needless to say, I learned a TON on this project!

One thing I wish I had known before I started this project was how much the fabric was going to fray over the course of making the coat because that caused me a ton of headache. By either interfacing certain parts or using a stay stitch, or even adding some length to the sleeves and coat itself, I could have made my life a lot easier. I’ll know for next time!

Here are some more pictures of the coat!

20130302-_MG_2199-untitledThe back

The shoulders

20130302-_MG_2204-untitledThe lining, cuffs, and eye hook panel

Saturday I took my coat out for a photo walk around Mar Mikhael and was joined by my friend Imad who took the pictures of me in the coat.

20130302-_MG_2210-untitledThe coat in action on the streets of Beirut!

And some of the shots from my afternoon in Mar Mikhael.





If I make a coat again I’d like to try the Minoru from Sewaholic because I don’t actually have a casual jacket and I’ve seen some really cute versions of this pattern.

Have any of you sewists out there made a coat yet? I’ve been reading a lot of sewing blogs lately and it’s amazing how many accomplished sewers are afraid to make a coat. If I can do it as a total beginner (even with guidance) I think anyone with a little experience under their belt can!

5 Comments on “Mar Mikhael and a Coat Made by Me!

  1. Dude. It turned out super super cute!!!!!!! Also your pictures from that day are very cool. What an interesting neighborhood.

    • Thank you, Carolyn! And it really is a fantastic neighborhood. Lots of old Lebanese architecture and cute bars, restaurants, and shops cropping up all over. So much fun for photo walking!

  2. you are amazing!!! I am so impressed. now I want to learn how to sew… someday… when I have “free time” šŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Sophia! It is so much fun but it’s true that it can really take up a lot of time! I love it though.

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