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Monthly Archives: March 2013

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The coat is finally finished AND I’m finally getting around to posting about it! Actually, I would have posted about it right away but I was waiting to get some decent pictures first and to do that I needed a friend’s help. (Thanks, Imad!) Making a coat is a huge undertaking and it’s kind of baffling, even to me, that this was pretty much the second garment I ever made. (Well, started…. Read More

I’ve never been much of a late night, party gal. Sure over the years I’ve had my fair share of late nights out, but more and more I’m quite content staying in, enjoying my comfortable apartment, and cooking a good meal. Even better if good friends are involved. And wine. So my perfect evening? Having some of my closest friends in Beirut over for a dinner party with a meal planned almost… Read More

I’ve been busy all of January and February sewing twice, and even sometimes three times, a week! What I haven’t been busy doing is taking pictures of everything that I’ve made. I’m starting to get a backlog of finished objects and I really wanted to document everything, so I wore this red dress today so I could photograph it. Luckily the weather was just perfect for both the dress and taking photos…. Read More