Self Portraits in January

This year I started a new photo project. I’m doing a 52 weeks of self portraits project as part of the Now You Workshops led by the fabulous Kristin and Meredith. For me the workshop was not about learning to get comfortable in front of the camera rather than behind it (I’d say I’m pretty ok with that after three year-long self portrait projects) but to find some inspiration. Along with inspiration I’ve found a wonderful community as well. If you’ve been toying with the idea of joining one of these workshops I highly recommend it!

We’re in our fourth week now so I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from January.

Week 1 | At Arm's Length 1/52

. . . to your heart 2/52

in search of color 3/52

rooftop whimsy 4/52

Here’s to 48 more weeks!

2 Comments on “Self Portraits in January

  1. Yay for self-portraits and inspiration! That colorblocky one is really neat. And the hoop one is just fantastic!

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